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Alexander Donskoi

"Astral vision of the crab juggler in a time transcendental manifestation"
Oil on canvas
180cm x 108cm

"The Red Mercedes"
Oil on canvas
324cm x 180cm

“In my professional opinion as art historian and museologist, I realized that Alexander Donskoi is not only a master of a unique style and technique of painting, but also a scientists and explorer.” Igor I.Kuchinsky PhD. (Director&Curator Gallery Heritage Int. Toronto,Canada)

"By combining visual logic and ecstatic delirium from a tornado-stirred epicenter of calm,I mastered a magical realism of submythic eloquence.My associative verism undermines the absolutism if apparent reality with a spiritually informed trickster instinct that employs bequiling precision to promote the equal validity of the absurd and its persuasively interwoven roots of soul deep sensibility,each maintaining their own removed credibility in incongruous aggregation.

Disturbances and contradictions arising from cryptic and ambiguous connections are appeased by an elevated and unifying sense of color and composition."

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