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Current Exhibitions

Opening of the Society's exhibition at Fantasmus, Denmark - 12th July 2008

The Society for Art of Imagination is steadily growing! We have artists from 23 countries and are working our way towards 400 members!

Last year we had some great shows:

1. A grand Exhibition at the Mall Galleries, London England

2. An Exhibition "Science meets Art " at the Pennsylvania Institute of Technology, USA.

3. An Exhibition in Milan, Italy.

Members - KEEP PAINTING!!!!

This year there will be £2000.00 (GB pounds) in prizes awarded for the best new painting by a Member of the Society. The paintings will be selected from an Exhibition in London at the Brick Lane Gallery in November. Forms will be sent when annual dues are paid.


A big Exhibition at Drena Castle Museum in Italy for the month of September 2008!

More details in the next newsletter.

Other shows are still at the planning stage but we hope to be able to give you more information soon.


The Society on behalf of all its members extend their grateful thanks for Stephen Lombardi's creative stewardship of the website and we wish him the best in all his future endeavours

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