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Statement of Purpose

  • Our mission is to battle the spirit of anti-art that is endemic around us
  • We intend to assist the resurgence of interest in fantastic and visionary art and make the Art of Imagination accessible to all
  • We are creating a community of support for other artists working in this spirit.
  • We encourage fine technique coupled with imagination to create fine works of art that transcend the ordinary.
  • We plan to provide teaching and seminar programs free or at low cost
  • We are planning a book of Art of Imagination
  • We maintain an active website
  • We send out a high quality magazine Inscape twice a year to our members

Art of Imagination, our Definition:

A work of imagination originates when artists express their awareness of some significant relationship with larger forces or realities using realism in an effort to reveal their secrets.
It may be called by many names - Fantastic Realism, Surrealism, Magic Realism, Visionary Art, Inspirational Art - but the Society has chosen 'Art of Imagination' because it is the least restrictive and yet most unifying title.

The members of the Society work independently of one another in various countries yet their work shows a consistent ethos and, whether the work is a painting, sculpture, computer-originated art or 3D object, it speaks a universal language. Though each work is its own, separate, distinct and original creation there is a kindred spirit unimpaired by language, time or distance.

Since our inception we have grown to an Internnational Society with branches all over the world. Our American branch is a registered US Charity.

Our Honorary Art Members are Ernst Fuchs, H R Giger, Bob Venosa, Martina Hoffmann, Alex Grey, Laurie Lipton, Henry Boxer, De Es, and Ingo.


Excerpts from "Rediscovering the Plot" by Michel de Saint Ouen
published in Inscape Summer 2001

"The artist should be a creator, a transformer linked to the inner spirit who, with skill and imagination, constructs a creation which embodies or symbolises a significant human value in a way which never existed before; to enhance, illuminate and perpetuate what is best in human values."

"What is termed 'art of imagination' portrays the dramas which are the human conditions, exploring and expressing mysteries so as to make them comprehensible."

"...and the chief contribution that artists of the imagination can make is their power to enlarge the range of emotions which affect all of us, enriching psychic, metaphysical, and spiritual values, and the appreciation of the beauties of the physical world which expand delight in existence and enhance self-realisation."

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