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Annelies van der Sman (born in Amsterdam in 1950) lives and works in Woerden, the Netherlands.
Her first art lessons were given to her by her father, Wim van der Sman (†), who had studied and copied Flemish and Dutch masters . He introduced her to the wonder world of art and painting and since then she has greatly admired the mystic painters Goya, Klimt and Dali and the present day painters Eddy Stevens, Rene Zwaga, Wout Muller(†) and Pieter Pander.
Her career as artist began after she had painted portraits of her three daughters, resulting in more and more assignments.

After her training as art teacher, her work has got a symbolic atmosphere with magic-realistic tendencies that can be found in her free work where she presents the world of inner self experiences, strongly related to nature.
She builds up her paintings in different layers  so that, in the end, they have a warm glow in which it is her strive to show this through the touch of paint.

The portraits  she draws and paints give a realistic view of the person she is painting, although her oil portraits also can have a symbolic setting if the person so wishes .
She uses oil pastel for her pastel portraits which is brought on in layers in certain areas but other areas are left open giving the painting a certain airiness.

Annelies gives workshops and lessons in drawing and painting in Woerden. 



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