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COMMUNION: Tribute to Venosa

The proper category for the surrealist Keith Wigdor will be under Current Surrealism in 2005. The Surrealist Movement today is an open art movement composed of many surrealist and surreal artists(and poets and writers), along with many fantastic and visionary artists as well. Since the death of Andre Breton in 1966 and his group disbanding in 1969, Surrealism went through a retrospective phase that was mainly controlled by art historians and scholars up to the present age.

Though there have been a very small number of self-identified surrealist groups and self-identified surrealists struggling to keep their version of the movement alive according to its original principles set forth by Breton, they have failed to remain organized (producing limited and controlled results) and true to the real goals of surrealism, its main aim, the complete destruction of closed rationalism.

Since 2001, a new wave of thought and expression, (and revolt), has turned up in the arts, especially on the Internet, which facilitates an enormous potential to address new audiences with new challenges. The Fantastic Realism and Visionary Art Movement, though not in accord with the thought proposed by Breton, has provided some fascinating results in their visual and pictorial artworks and creations which I claim to be worthy of the surrealist label. I applaud most of all, Terrance Lindall, and his Brave Destiny Surrealism shows at the Williamsburg Art and Historical Center in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York from 2003. Terrance Lindall is the author of The New International Surrealist Manifesto and it is a refreshing doorway to the marvelous. I do recognize some differences in the approach to how the imagination can address the challenges presented by the Hegelian Dialectic in his manifesto and the Brave Destiny artists, but what is most important is the DESIRE, that Mr.Lindall and the 500 exhibiting artists in Brave Destiny possess! Nobody shares the same politics, that is inevitable. The motives will be different as well as the incentives. Many realize the enormous difficulty and challenges to go beyond the parameters set forth by Breton, but like the Hegelian Dialectic itself, there will always be constant movement! This is why I support the cause of Lindall's manifesto and Brave Destiny, most of all, in its DESIRE to explore the imagination which contains so many new mysteries to be examined by all. I look to everyone in The Society for the Art of the Imagination, Brave Destiny, The Fantastic and Visionary Art Movements as Fellow Travellers and Comrades in Surrealism most of all! I also applaud the continuing efforts of the online internet art gallery, THE HAMMOND GALLERY, for continuing to exhibit many new surrealist and surreal artists, along with Fantastic and Visionary Artists as well. I also applaud all those in the underground art movements as well. Their creations provide the revolutionary fuel for social action and revolt that is needed in this day and age, most of all. Surrealism recognizes an affinity with these comrades as well.

Current Surrealism is now being exhibited in surrealist art exhibits online and in art galleries. Many new artists are exploring their desires to embrace the unknown sublayers of the subconscious, the fantastic, and the mysterious. I welcome ALL of these artists as Surrealists and Technicians of the Mind! This is the only way that true revolution can take place in this world dominated by forces that are in conflict with our humanity. Again, I would like to stress that many do not necessarily share the same politics, or incentives, it is their results that is most important!

I understand the strict and rigid categorizations of the subsets of art and expression, but there must also be the need to address affinities that do exist, which surrealism has recognized from the past up to the present. When you are presented with any objections and invalid arguments that current surrealism does not stay true to the aims and principles set forth by Andre Breton which are supposed to be, "beyond argument", then ask yourself the following, "where can I find their results and how much do they charge"?

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