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Dyan Whyte is a visionary painter, teacher and Priestess of Faerie. She is a creative and imaginative Soul who has nurtured a deep and innate relationship with Creator, Nature and the Divine since childhood. The faces, figures and subjects of Dyan's paintings explore Divine Love, inner connection and the Divine Feminine. The underlying essences of serenity, sensuality and innocence interwoven in her work reflect the profound influence of female visionary painters before her. Each of her paintings invites the viewer into an unusual, light-filled dance of prismatic and lively colour.

"I share my paintings because I want others to see what I see in their own way. I'm sometimes asked what inspires my choice of themes and subjects - love, the soul, the feminine; the answer is that this is what and how I see. I see the love and soul of things, in others and all around me. It is this thread that is woven in and through everything, an omni-presence that feels both divine and feminine to me." - Dyan



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