Catharyne Ward and Eric Wright

Sculpture by Ward and Wright

Oil paint, varnish,
antlers and cast metal and
plastic ornaments on fir
74” high

As husband & wife, Catharyne and Eric currently work collaboratively on exhibitions. They are also artists in their own right and have been working independently for many years.
"We are English & American by birth. We elaborately paint & embellish with ornaments sculptures made from trees."

"A fantasy forest of trees stripped to the bone, painted and adorned with talismanic idylls and magical objects; spectacular, escapist fantasies and fairy tale castles, invested with the seductive and disturbing power of classical Romanticism, evoking bowers where "mad" King Ludwig II and Walt Disney sit together in hyper-real pastorals more perfect than nature itself. Ward & Wright's lyrical forest is a radically joyous exploration of how the revisionism involved in popular myth-making adopts the sugar-glazed guise of candy-coloured artifice. Inspired by a "revelation" in the Hofbraufhaus, Berchtesgaden in Bavaria, Germany, it is an ambitious journey into the darkness at the heart of innocence."
-Ian White, The Chamber of Pop Culture


Sculptures by Ward and Wright


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