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Appreciating Beauty, Emanating Love

I have been painting for over thirty years. Since I can remember, I have been fascinated with science fiction and the possibilities of other dimensions and other realities. Inspirations and influences for my art have come from many sources such as dreams, artists, nature, sacred peoples, sacred sites, and primitive-ancient cultures etc.

My art has been created through many different processes. Sometimes my dreams inspired an image. Contemplations of my dreams led me into studying symbols and learning their meanings.  Symbols appeared in my art and I would study them.  Soon my art, my imagination, and dream life intertwined with my waking life.  My art and dreams gave a new clarity to my waking life.

Other times, long periods of contemplation, would cause me to have a direct and clear vision for the image. Sometimes I do detailed drawings with a set painting in mind, and yet, I always allow for the intuitive process to occur and allow the image to transform. At times, I start my painting by just letting my brush loosely dance upon the canvas while listening to music. Sometimes I’ll paint with two hands at once. After about ten minutes, I’ll step back and look at the images that want to come through, just as we look at clouds in the sky to see their images. Then the details are painted.

Dreams beckoned me to travel to sacred sites around mother earth. Being adventuress and seeking to bask in the mystical energy in sacred places, I have traveled extensively around the world to experience pyramids, temples, ancient ruins, and to art museums. I have traveled through Europe, Greece, Egypt, United States, Canada, Mexico, South America, Central America, Tahiti, Thailand, and India. Questioning, contemplating, and traveling, along with meeting wonderful sacred beings has led me into the mystical realms.  Asking and contemplating the questions, “What is a powerful love, a love beyond sentimentality, a love that includes self, family, friends, and all humans and all life forms? And what would these images of love look like?” has guided my art, heart, and spirit.  I seek that the viewers of my art are inspired to pursue their own individual soul’s journey.

Over the years, I have been experimental with art techniques and self-expression. I have always loved using glazes or transparent layers of paint over each other and on top of opaque layers of paint.  I like color showing through color.  I have experimented with both acrylics and oils.  During the past five years, I have been painting my art using an old master technique of egg tempera and oil.  The paintings emit a luminous light.  In order to speed up the process, I’ll use a similar oil glazing technique with oil over oil or oil over acrylic.  I am open to my souls growth as I seek new techniques to express my visions.

 The artists that influenced me are diverse, many, and varied for different appreciations. Some of the artists that have influenced me are William Blake, Dali, Magritte, Vincent van Gogh, Monet, Rembrandt, Siqueiros, Tamayo, Gustav Klimt, Kokoshka, Kathe Kollwitz, Odilon Redon, Federic Church, and Caspers etc. Some of my contemporary influences are Artemio Sepulveda, Ernst Fuchs, Philip R. Jacobson, Cynthia Re’ Robbins, Martina Hoffmann, and Robert Venosa etc.

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