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The Swan's Death

Most certainly a creature of the Belle Epoque, Delphyne V. is nevertheless born nearly a century later in Paris during the Fall of 1980.

This miscalculation of time and space is complicated further when she finds herself in the heart of a modest and religious family where logic, reason, boxing and classical music lay the foundation of her upbringing. It goes without saying the idea of devoting herself to life of an artist, a painter no less, is a heresy. A burning fever push her to explore the world of
theater, then fashion, to ultimately helping her to realize, and accept, that the lure of painting is becoming increasingly strong...

A decade is spent teaching herself to paint, punctuated by courses at Paris' Conservatoire d'Art Dramatique and then ESMOD International. Despite of having simultaneously created a line of jewelry and designer clothings, a deep upheaval jettisoned those distractions in 2007: her first solo show, giving birth to the new Delphyne V. style.

Snow White's Distress

Requiem for a Centaur

The Egg


D.L. Je vous aime

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