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christina_maria-stowasser"Naive child eyes saw a limitless blue sky. Nice cotton bags were lining this sky and I learned that water's filling them. The elements were born.  My heart raced as I heard that my sky is an air bubble, in the midst of endless sky. Space was born.  When I felt that life has to be death in order to live, consciousness was born."

Every being is equipped with creative skills.  Something distinguishing it from others.  Discovering my mother's fashion drawings as a child brought my own creativity to arouse and it's still these naive eyes who guide me when drawing with the pencil, painting or designing graphics on my computer. All I need to do is to let come the inner image who will step by step appear on a yet blank surface.  Creating images and writing has become my passion and an opportunity to express my feelings, who so become reality in the 2nd and 3rd dimension. During some art courses later on, I was taught to plan the process of creating an image in order to obtain the result I wish to have. But I realized that doing so is not my way, because the image in my head is in a constant process itself.  When I paint and draw I'm drawn into some magic enchantment, from which I sometimes awake only hours later.  In some sort i'm in the colour.  

Then I step back to capture what has become, practically by it self and the result could
only be limited due to my technical skills. This inexplicable information flowing through me, in connection with time and my own respective state, decides over the result. Therefore, the paintings shown are testimony of going with the flow rather then careful planning or sheer coincidence.

"Information" is the buzzword of the present and art in any form is the mediator. Understanding my own psyche and especially my responsibility towards my environment and society represent to me the essential aspects in my art, as human development has become a major importance in my life. I therefore see my creations more like a mirror of life, containing information who's effects will dependon to the human capacity to read the message.  Am I, like all, a bundle or source of information?

The capital materialism takes increasingly space in the world of fantasy and often superimposes their potentiality, I think. It is my wish to offer the viewers an insight into possible worlds, in order to study the origin of the information, their effect and the possibilities for future usage.  They may serve as food for human awareness, thus, for the benefit of all existing as for all possible forms seeking to come to life.

Like Albert Einstein did, I focus on to the source of information which can transform the energy into materia and back again. Mentioning the death, it also is material transformation. These thoughts are individually interpretable, but they are the foundation of my thinking.  I am an Autodidact, devotedly following her intuition.

Opposite - Day

Opposite - Night

Trans Blue

Insich 2

Relativ 1

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