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My Blood Is Red Ochre But My Heart Is Made From Stars

Bruce Rimell is a visual and graphics artist based in Shipley who works with visionary, dreamlike and archetypal motifs and themes rendered in vibrant styles and vivid colours reminiscent of Aboriginal art and Minoan frescoes. The central focus of his practice is to bring the very ancient into the modern field of experience, variously inviting or challenging the viewer to look underneath the contextual aspects of contemporary art and modern experience to view the universalities and disquieting visionary sensations common to all human cultures past and present, and which we have inherited from our ancestors.

He aims to speak to those aspects of us which operate without words – magic, the Palaeolithic and non-rational modes of experience feature strongly – and abstract commentaries or critical positions are abandoned in favour of a direct communion with the very essence of what it means to be alive as a human being.

Come and see, and look within.

The Night I Discovered My Bones

The Shaman And The Scientist

Torn Apart

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