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Monde Ephermere

Isabelle Planté was born in Pau in the southern part of France. She has been painting for almost all of her lifetime. She held her first exhibition in TAHITI in 1974. Her painting has moved over the years in the brilliance of more light, colours that take on a thousand nuances, moving from figurative to fantastic. Her art enters a land of mystery as though the artist has broken through her canvas to a word beyond, to reveal the unknown.

With perfect mastery of composition and perspective, Isabelle juggles with proportion like a magician. In these canvases the artists and dreamers grow huge and dominate the world.

You must not merely look at her canvases, you must enter them . It is our world, the world we live in, but we feel it with a different perception, we enter it with the intuition of a painter who reveals hidden truths. Our anguished world has perhaps too much neglected aesthetic comtemplation, that is infinitely more revealing than the phoney search for occult that flourishes to left and right.

Isabelle is a provocative artist who challenges each of us. Behind her canvas, her mocking eye looks at us looking at her, laughs at our reaction, and wonders what we can see in what had only sensed.

In our pragmatic world, her work teaches us to dream in a tireless quest, makes us feel the other side of the scenery, urges us to see more deeply into people and things. She reveals the multiple facets of beauty and, in a burst of colour, brings forth the infinite richess of life. As she said:” When the eye sees without seeing, when it becomes merely the simple servant of thought, when all becomes magic, Oh, the fantastic power of painting”.

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