Donald Pass

Donald Pass painting'

The Awakening'
21 X 29 inches
In 1969 Donald Pass had a mystical experience in an English churchyard that changed his art and his life : "I sense God when I do the drawings. I have a tremendous sense of his compassion and I have actually wept as I have been drawing, because I was so moved". He is convinced that the resurrection is not just a belief but is true. "I have seen it", he says.
Donald Pass's work is represented in museums and public collections both in Britain and Eastern Europe. In 1999 he won the prestigious 'Art of the Imagination' Award at the Mall Galleries in London.

"A spark of genius, a very rare talent"
Sir John Rothenstein. Director of the Tate Gallery, 1938-64.

Donald Pass Painting

11 X 16 ins
Donald Pass photo

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