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Brigid - 'The Offering'

Helen O’ Sullivan started drawing and painting at the early age of 3 when she discovered, much to the annoyance and frustration of her mother, that she could draw on the stone floors using charred sticks from the open fire. Throughout her school days her passion for expression through drawing and painting stayed with her and continued to amaze and fascinate her.

Helen finished secondary school in Milltown, Co. Kerry to go on to study art in the Sligo I.T. and receive her degree in fine art.  It was in college in Sligo that she found a place where she ‘Grew and blossomed as an artist’ she says.

She married young while finishing college and had four beautiful daughters in quick succession and her flair for expression took another turn for a number of years until she could once again give herself over to her art.

In the past 12 years she has returned to her original passion of expression through painting where she explores her inner landscape which is an emotional mix of fantasy and myth, feminine and the politics of being a woman.  She calls her work ‘Soul Painting’ and they are teeming with the imagination and artistic creation that flows through her.

Helen has been involved in successful solo and group exhibitions throughout Kerry, Cork and Dublin over the recent years and is continuing to grow as an accomplished artist.

Fire Dragon
Fire Dragon


Feathered Goddess
The Feathered Goddess

Goddess Boan
The Goddess Boan 'Dance of Delight'

Water Goddess
The Water Goddess

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