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Africa - The Cradle of Life

Ntinyari is my African name from the Ameru people of East Africa, Kenya.
It means 'the beloved one" and my father loved to call me by this name
as a little girl growing up in the village. I was named after his mother, my grandmother Rabbeka.

My first encounter with art was as a five year old girl. I made an impression of a naive female face that greatly amused my father, whose art was more in the guitar playing than in the fine arts. From that first experience, I am inspired much by the human face
and the diversity of the human characters of all races. This could be due to the fact that humans are so imperfect, yet so ingenious and resilient!

Color too insipires me because it is the light that illuminates a work of art - and certainly the human being is full of light and spirit. Our spiritualism light our path or darken them.

My aspirations are to create artworks that will inspire people of all generations and races and bring joy in the human spirit...

Art that is pleasant and therapeutic.

Experience the "Anne Mwiti art"- you deserve it

African Renaissance

Awake, Oh Africa!

Muntu 2

The Birth of Neo-Africanism

Dance in the Wind

The Monkey King


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