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She bought a pet

"My name is Christine Morren. I was born in Belgium, Louvain in 1966. Since I was a little girl, I longed to do something in the Arts. Art school was a dream, but my parents wanted me to study something else. So I did.

I believe it was in 2002 that my husband bought me some brushes, paints, and an easel. I was ready to start painting. My first paintings were in Acrylics. After a few months of struggling with the Acrylic paint medium, searching the Internet to view paintings, and find technical tips, I resolved to find someone who could teach me more about the techniques I was seeking.

I found a painter in Antwerp called Maarten Boffé who began to teach me the technique of fine painting in oils. In 2008, I met Jef Bertels, and he supervised some of my projects during a period of one year.

I hope you enjoy my paintings."

The Old Doll can't feed the Bird


The Model

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