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Black Tea

I'm a self taught artist, all my life I've loved to draw paint or create.
I remember when I was 18 seeing a friend's new tattoo. Immediately I knew this
was the genre I wanted to work in. So 1987 I was apprenticed as a tattoo artist.
My mission as a tattoo artist  was to use my artistic skills to help clients
express their inner visions on their skin, and mark their rites of passage
in a time honoured way. I owned and ran a tattoo studio for many years. In
this time I met many fantastic people, who enriched my life; it was very fulfilling to share this holistic, shamanic experience with them.

Towards the late nineties deep inside of me there were new missions growing
that I felt compelled to express, but they were outside of the tattoo
genre. So in 1999 I stopped tattooing.

I then visited the USA and Canada.  While in the USA, I spent time with the
Navajo and Hopi tribes. While in Canada I lived and worked with the Huron
[Mohawk/Mohican] tribe on their reserve. I feel privileged to have been
embraced by these peoples, some of whose traditions, craft skills and
mystical healing arts I now incorporate into my own art and my life today.
This internship was the catalyst for my mission of carving the crystal skulls
[The Sedona crystal Skull, the Stonehenge skull, and the Rose Quartz Crystal
Skull], and then moving onto my visionary paintings.

I am inspired by the unseen, the mystical.  When I am painting I go to a
different world that is dark and symbolic. Painting is the medium I feel is best suited
to share these visions with you.

I'm currently working towards  my next solo exhibition  'Saturnalia, A Feast
for Fools'  in London 2009.

I still own Sacred Symbols body art studio, but I now dedicate my time to

A selection of my original paintings and sculpture are on exhibition at
Sacred Symbols fine art gallery,  LTD edition fine art prints are offered
for sale to collectors.
For more information on my art or to visit please contact

Elephant Man



The Fiddler

The Lovers

The Snake Charmer

White Tea

Pandemonium in the Rose Garden poster

Saturnalia poster

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