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Horn Dance I

My creative inclination arose during early childhood, although it was not allowed to come to fruition until the early 1990s.  Never having the opportunity to go to art school because of a congenital heart condition, I am mostly self taught, having but a few pieces of encouragement from some wonderful wildlife artists.

Living high on the Welsh mountains surrounded by Red Kites and Buzzard and a plethora of bones and skulls left by nature, I began painting in earnest. When relocating to London I began looking for something that would make the metaphor real and began to paint the more hidden areas of the centre of flowers. Where I am now, with a studio high up in Parndon Mill on the River Stort, I can let my journey go in which ever direction it wishes and who knows where it will take you. My inspiration comes from artists such as O’Keeffe, Fini, Khalo, Carrington -  all women surrealists - as well as nature in all its wonderful guises. I look for that ineffable hidden mysterious thing within a subject and paint it big to enable the viewer to experience something special, to be surrounded and immersed by it all.

Horn Dance II

El Ojo del Tacca

The Fragility of Life

El Guardia de Aristolochia

My Eye in Shark's Mouth

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