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The Greening of the Soul

Catherine McCartney was born in London, UK in 1961.  She has lived both in France and the UK and currently works from her studio in Bedfordshire, England.

Catherine studied art both at Southampton and at Chelsea school of Art, London and later learned the Mische technique at Brigid Marlin’s Atelier.   She has taught art for many years as well and  set up a ceramics studio in the South of France in the early 90s.

Influences in her work have been Salvador Dali, Rossetti, Michelangelo as well as Patrick Woodroffe.

Recently Catherine has specialized in imaginative art and imaginative portrait painting. This style helps to reveal the character of the people she paints and bring out their depth of character.

Her most recent portrait commission was that of well-known conductor Hilary Davan Wetton.
McCartney has exhibited at The Mall Galleries, London,  H R Giger Museum in Switzerland, the Pennsylvania Institute of Technology as well as many other exhibitions internationally. She was a featured artist at Woburn Abbey, UK.
“I have a special interest as a woman artist in emotional responses to the world, and in particular within human relationships.   Wordsworth makes the point that "poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquility"  I believe the same can be said of Painting.”


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