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"Fray" or "It doesn't last"

Sam Lightwing was born at 2.19 am on 28th March 1986 in Sidcup, UK, at Queen Mary's Hospital. He doesn't know which ward, though. He studied at UCL and got a BA in Classics, of all things. His entire formal art training amounts to a 'B' in GCSE Art obtained in 2002, in which he proved to be better at drawing than he was at organising coursework. One of the many strange things about Sam, aside from his preference for writing autobiographical statements in an unjustifiable third person format, is that, in spite of loving both Art and Classical Civilisation, he doesn't think much of Classical Art, although people expect him to.

Sam Lightwing has been drawing, and intermittently painting, since he was old enough to pick up a biro and begin defacing whatever important documents had been carelessly left within his tiny grasp. He began to paint on canvas only at the end of May 2007, and prefers acrylics, both because of the diversity of achievable effects, and because his bizarrely hooked left-hander's grip tends to rub across the painted surface and destroy any slow-drying work. His work tends toward the fantastical, combining flowing and leaf- and feather-like shapes with biorobotics and shapeshifting angels. His paintings almost always attempt to convey some deeper meaning, be that philosophical, religious, sociological, or related to the subject matter, but he normally ends up having to explain it to people

"Michael" or "The Fall of the Rebel Angels"


"The Child" or "This is the end"

White Rider

Dark Sun

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