Dina Lenkovic'

Dina Lenkovic' Painting

"The Birth of Day"
Oil on Canvas
19 3/4 in x 23 1/2 in

"The painting of Dina Lenkovic', in spite of its "mythological" cheerfulness and hedonism, is entering the twilight zone of human melancholy and loneliness. Her painting is about dreaming and awakening, about a stress which brings us back to our human conditions."
Josip Depolo

"The mythic dream realities of Dina Lenkovic produce a clear and sanguine melancholy in their concept of space and significance, without formal pretense or contradiction. Tempered with what one admirer terms a "frigid sensuality", her scenes define a distinct realm of surrealistic vision wherein the myth that gives birth to the dream and the dream which gives birth to the myth jocundly coexist."

Dina Lenkovic' and Ernst Fuchs

Ernst Fuchs and Dina

Born in Zagreb, Croatia in 1951, Lenkovic' earned degrees in Anthropology and Philosophy at Zagreb University's Faculty of Arts. She studied privately with Marino Tartaglia of Zagreb's Art Aacademy and briefly in London before refining her skills by drawing in the Classical ballet class at Balet Akademi in Stockholm. She became an honorary member of the Society of Ballet Artists and wrote poetry. In 1986-7 a book of her poetry and seven prints were published, titled, "Reflections". She has had a number of solo exhibitions in Croatia, Austria, and Germany. She designed Ballet and opera posters for the Croatian National Theatre, where she has also exhibited. Her works were printed in New Art International books.
She participated in the year 2000 exhibition of the Society for Art of Imagination in London. In 2000 she received a special award at the 100 Sacred Visions Exhibit in Payerbach, Austria, which was organized by Prof. Philip Jacobson, with Prof.Ernst Fuchs as juror.

Jokers by Dina Lenkovic

Oil on Canvas
50 x 70 cm

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