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Amanita Muscaria

Equally embedded in reality and fantasy, the artwork of Zsófia Kölcze reflects the artist’s subjective visions of life, death, nature and the human condition through the encounters of light and shadow, darkness and colour. Often moving between dream and nightmare, the motifs reflect not only a dualistic perception of the world filtered through a lively imagination, but a dedication to the richness of ancient mythology, legend and story-telling.

Zsófia Kölcze was born in Transylvania, Romania, in 1984 and moved to Denmark in 1988 where she grew up in the beautiful and harsh environments of Northern Jutland. She has studied archaeology and art history and worked with several spiritual and occult directions. Beside the heavy influences of Transylvanian and Danish nature, history and art, Zsófia Kölcze’s artwork shows her fascination of folklore, myths and fairytales deeply rooted in collective human consciousness. Moreover, many of the motifs are inspired by music, film, theatre and literature.

Currently, the main medium is acrylics on canvas, but Zsófia Kölcze has also been working with pen/pencil drawing, watercolour as well as oil. The preferred technique is a chiaroscuro with strong contrasts between light and dark, often accompanied by cascades of strong colour, and the compositions are undulating and organic.

Den Fortryllede Skov

I am my Hair I

I am my Hair II

Spirit of the Forest I

Spirit of the Forest II

We shun the light

The Bat

The Painter

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