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Thoughts and reflections from the artist
"The possession of colours is not given to everybody."

As well as landscape being a the major influence upon and within my paintings, a more immediate source of inspiration is music - Dub Reggae with its expanding space & echo; Brian Eno's "treatments" and ambient works; the brutally honest & emotionally intense music of Joy Division; the wonderfully discordant/harmonious sonic textures of Wire - they've all painted pictures in my head and left me wanting to be sharper.

I combine music with personal feelings & friendships - these all tinge, sometimes saturate each painting with religiosity & symbolism; the combinations of colours juxtapositioned with subects when viewed as a series can spark thought along Tantric lines. I'm always developing this to a greater and deeper intensity.

Human experience is another source of influence, basic humanity in its raw harsh colourful existence; this is my way of surviving the cruel, careless & carefree, an instinct inside inherent from millenia ago, when humans made churches within caves to paint the animals they lived amongst and upon whom their survival depended.

Our ancestors punctured the landscape within their own psyches when they entered the caves, to direct their need to a more calculated purpose via their paintings, then to emerge and influence their existence. Art is my - and our - source of survival and upon this futures are decided.



Soft Resurrection

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