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When I was a kid I used to love to make models of and paint about my most favourite things; robots, spaceships, aliens and superheroes.  When I hit my teenage years I added foxy babes and vampires to the shopping list.  Unfortunately when I started art school these were suddenly verboten and a poor subject, in fact one of my tutors once said ‘I don’t want you painting any of the Roger Dean rubbish because it does so much damage’.  Its very hard to resist one’s inspiration, so art school wasn’t easy for me.

After leaving art school, I rebelled and got back to what I was originally inspired to paint about, and returned to my inspiration; the book jackets and comic art that had made me want to paint and make things in the beginning. I don’t blandly copy from the art that I love, that would be pointless, rather I use it as a launching point for my own imagination.

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