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pennygI have enjoyed painting for many years, and over time have had some interesting commissions.

In 1995, I met Bernie Marsden, a member of the 70's Rock Band, 'Whitesnake' and he asked me to design CDs for his band 'The Snakes' which then went on to sell in Europe and Japan!  Hampshire Brewery also commissioned me to design beer bottle labels for them in the same year, so I decided to try being more professional! 

I continued to take commissions, mainly of Pet Portraits but then in 2002, I won the overall first prize for the 'Paint a Wildlife Subject' competition, held at the Business Design Centre London.   A particularly busy 2006 got me my first sole exhibition at Highcliffe Castle, Dorset, and I also exhibited with the Best of Hampshire Artists at Hillier's Garden Centre, Romsey.   I then won first prize in an Oil Painting Competition at the Goodchild Gallery, Renaze, France, with my Wildlife painting 'Mfalme', ('King'). I exhibited as a member of Marwell International Wildlife Art Society for a number of years, selling well and continued to participate in other exhibitions at the H. R. Giger's Museum, Gruyeres, Switzerland with The Society of Art of the Imagination....this time with Fantasy work, 'Guinevere', which is currently on display today at Moontree.
Joining the Society for the Art of Imagination that year gave me many more opportunities especially to exhibit abroad, and to explore my Spiritual Artwork, most of which can be seen here today.
2007 proved just as productive; in April I entered an exhibition at the Mall Gallery with my Surreal painting 'Duality' and as a result, the Gallery retained me to paint a large, (8ft x 5ft) religious work for one of their clients. 'Go through the Gate' is that client's vision.
Unfortunately, or fortunately, Cancer has played an important role in my life.   My daughter had Leukaemia at the age of 4, so spent much of her childhood in hospital where she relapsed at the age of 6 and underwent a Bone Marrow Transplant from her little brother, my son who was only 4 at the time.   She survived and has lived a full and active life for 20 years, but my connection with Piam Brown Ward has remained.   I have continued to visit the children and paint murals on their walls and windows.  

Sadly in 2008, ill health hit the family again, and I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer!!  Lightening does strike twice it seems! so I took some time out to recouperate, however, my Cancer journey has led me to discover the Penny Brohn Centre, where I went for respite after extensive treatment and surgery.   I found a deeper spirituality there, and began to understand the true meaning of the 'Divine'.   'Deliverance' was a vision, given to me at this point in my life, I produced it after a particularly powerful healing session............and since then, I have been painting 'visionary paintings' which I now know illustrate my personal journey.
Tapping into this 'Divine Matrix' has been a real privilige, and honour and taught me so much, I am still only just learning how much more there is.  Once the crisis point is over we enter into the long hard slog to get back to normality which is difficult, and requires huge stamina and fortitude. Despair and depression are part of the Seven Stages of Grieving, they include anger, denial, depression, bargaining etc. and finally lead on to acceptance. It is important we all navigates our way through each phase because there are no short cuts. Dealing with the loss of life expectancy is hard to bear, but I have learned that depression and anger thrive in the lower frequencies of the Matrix, and Healing comes through the higher vibrations, such as energising music, love and laughter.
Ill health, although devastating in many ways has hit my family once more, but in doing so, has revealed how precious life is.   The remarkable parallels between cutting edge scientific thought and the ancient creation myths is clear.   A 'new' science Psychoneuroimmunology is now being practised, and is the interaction between the psychological, neurological and immune systems. It is a branch of medicine that is now widely accepted and for which there is a great body of evidence, backed up by common sense and our everyday experiences. We are as human beings made up of body, mind, emotions and spirit. Working together these determine health and the combatting of disease. The influence of emotional states on the nervous system is something we all experience daily when experiencing stress or enjoying happiness, Holisitic Healing. After a serious life event occurs, the outcome is shaped to a great degree by our resilience, buoyancy and will to succeed.
Quality double mounted giclee prints of all Penny's paintings are available, for details please email:

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