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Connie Ekker-Steegs was born in Amsterdam in 1953. She lives with her husband and two sons in Lelystad, Holland. Even as a child she was fascinated by the forms and many colours revealed in nature. Her kindergarten teachers advised her parents to be sure to send Connie to an art academy. But her life took a different turn: Playing softball on the Dutch teen team. Starting her own business and running it for 33 years.
Taking up flower arranging and photography to meet her need for creativity.

After years of spiritual development it was finally time to devote herself entirely to painting. She quickly decided on oils as her medium.
After a number of years of painting in the impressionistic style, she decided to take up the technique of the old masters.

To learn this technique she studied with Paul Jaarsma at the art school in Alkmaar, where Herman Smorenburg was also teaching. Since 2003 she has been working full-time in her own studio. Her paintings show the beauty and the strength of nature. She works with oil on panels according to the technique of the old masters.

She also writes a poem to accompany each painting:

The Wisdom of Nature
The sun opens flowers and brings life to all things.
It also sheds warmth on a butterfly's wings.
Give yourself to the light, it's so simple to do
and all those around will feel the oneness, too




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