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Being an artist is such a blessing. The Creator made everything in this 3d world we live in and the artists are the lucky ones who get in touch with this body-less spirit to continue this creation process, with images from within. In this way we can help him communicate with the human masses and experience creation through our physical eyes.

For me, it is obvious we are living in critical times where the human race is accelerating it’s evolution to avoid facing its extinction. If we want to harmonise with the rest of nature that lives on this beautiful planet, we will have to wizen up and do what is right for “The All”. The Negative Power has had us under a sedated control for a few millennia, but the spiritual floodgates are about to brake open and wash us clean again. And our art is important in this process.

We have grown up in societies that trick us into believing that culture is the only important reality. They make us ignore the natural instincts that animals and primitive tribes haven’t, cause in the end planet Earth is a living entity, past what clothes we wear, language we speak or prophet we pray to. This division from our true selves has harmed our souls and the one of Mother Nature.

But things are changing, many people are awakening and soon the tables will turn. The light in us is multiplying and this is producing scary shadows (as seen on CNN and Fox news), but this is because the Negative Forces are on its dieing bed and it wants to keep us in confusion just a lil bit longer. Soon we will realise who we really are, Gods in the flesh.  And it will be no difficulty to heal ourselves and manifest a clean planet, with respect for all life, and happiness for all.

As an artist I think it is very important to create images that help this awakening in us. Images from the Soul, about the Soul. Help Positive Entities do art through us and remind Humanitree of our real propose of our existence, Oneness. Everybody wants to be happy and since we are all interconnected, it is important that we make sure everyone achieves this. I don’t believe money or material possessions are what will make a person happy, so I will start by offering art that puts a smile on your face. Since I am unable to solve all the many problems in the world, I want to go to the root and remind us that we are eternal souls that are more divine that we can see. Once true brotherhood is understood, a balanced sharing of the world’s wealth will be effortless.

For me, my art are like Bombs of Light that I use in the invisible war between good and evil. I don’t want to destroy anyone who has fallen to the dark side, I want to give understanding and love and help heal them. The art that comes from my heart will be my powerful weapon to help us vibrate at a higher frequency of existence and together raise our consciousness closer to the wisdom of the Original Artist, God. Our art helps the evolution go in the direction where we shall all be one in bliss and where no more suffering shall exist. Call me a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. This dream is what will attract this inevitable reality of the Golden Age, where harmony will return inside and outside us all. Peace.

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