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I am Water

Artist Linda K. Christensen of Kalispell, Montana, paints her visions.  Throughout her life, Linda has always experienced a strong connection to nature.  Local flora and fauna along with participation in Native American spiritual practices provide additional inspiration for Linda’s work.  As an artist, Linda paints her emotions and her reactions to the world surrounding her.  This can result in a pleasant landscape, or a thought provoking interpretation of local or global issues.    

Linda’s painting “ Vision Quest” is included in the Sacred Art Exhibition in Wessobrunn, Germany from April to June 2009.

Linda K. Christensen has been honored in recent years with acceptance into several international shows.  “Final Leap” was included in “100 Sacred Visions” in Payerbach, Austria.  In 2003, her painting “Crops of People” was included in “Brave Destiny”, the largest showing of living surrealist artists in Brooklyn, NY.  In 2004, Linda’s painting “I Am Water” was exhibited in London, England for a “Water” exhibition.  Linda’s painting “Taking Flight” was accepted into “The Inner Eye” European Touring exhibition.  This art was exhibited in Italy, Germany and Spain in 2005.   Linda’s painting "The Healing" was exhibited in the Magical Lakes and Enchanted Forests 2006 exhibition tour in Europe.

Linda has studied with numerous local and international artists, but her art remains a reflection of her inner self as contrasted to the outer world.

Contact information:
Linda K. Christensen
600 Bayou Rd
Kalispell, MT  59901


Fire Dog

Surviving Dark Times Best

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