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 Dark Angel

1967 born in Obervellach on the 13th of  December
1997 Special training by Manfred Aichholzer, a professional academic painter and graphicartist in Carinthia ( Austria )
1999 Seminar about “Frescos” by Professor Ernesto Marchesini from Treviso ( Italy)
1999 & 2000 Special Training in professionally Ikons-painting by Mag. Erich Aichholzer from Carinthia ( Austria )
2002 Developed of “Essential Art” paintings
2003 CD-ROM and Book illustration for High Tauern National Park
2003 Registered member of the IG BILDENDE KUNST (Artists Union) in Vienna.Owner of an “international artist identity card” IAA (International Art Association )
2004 Student of  Michael Fuchs, studying the definitive book about painting materials and painting techniques by Max Doerner.
2004 Mastered the master class of how to paint like the Old Masters by Michael Fuchs
Since 2004 Working together with Prof. Ernst Fuchs in a chapel
2005 Accepted member of the Society for Art of Imagination (London)
2007 Participation in the competition of global contemporary art of London. Diploma of Excellence ( Honorable Award )
2008 Some of Art works are shown in the Artoteque´s Art Book for Collectors, Amazon Edition
2008 Invitation to Expo in Chateau des Reaux Castle in France 2009
Acquisition three of  my art works for the art collection of the castle
2009 Entry in HABARTA “Lexicon of the phantastic artists“. More than 1000 phantastic artists got printedbiography and art work: “What are the values of the life”among A – Aktrice


Greece Dancing

Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel II

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