Treacle Tart

I try to make the possible and the impossible merge together seamlessly on the canvas to create a world inhabited by strange creatures.

Fascinated by an ever-changing world through new technology I've experimented with such subject matter. Integrating and abstracting the latest social trends and inventions. Attitudes in the 21st century also play a role in my creativity.

I've used inks, collage, 3D works in the past but acrylics are my chosen medium. They are much more versatile to work with, I find.. When using acrylics I like to express myself with lots of bright beautiful colours.

My ideas and inspirations come to me all the time. Sometimes I will see the whole picture in my imagination. Other times, it’s an idea. Then I begin mixing and merging it with other ideas to create a finished piece.

You're Next

Fluffy and the Girls

Valentine Surprise

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