Jonathan Zeh

Having studied art in Philadelphia, I proceeded to live and show work in the San Francisco Bay Area and currently New York City. I consider myself a surrealist. In 2005, I took part in a group show in MicroCOSM for all the artists who contributed to the creation of Alex Greyís COSM gallery, the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors. In 2006, I have been in a group show at Art Gotham. In July of 2007, I am excited to be included in a group show called ìHeat; The Next Tortured Genius 2î, at Monkdogz Urban Art Gallery in Chelsea, NYC. Also, I am very pleased to be a member of The Society for Art of imagination, along with many talented and inspired artists from around the world, including Mr. Grey, Ernst Fuchs and H. R. Giger. (Please see, and I now live and create in Brooklyn, NYC.

Finding inspiration from Leonardo DaVinci, Robert Crumb, H.R. Giger, Alex Grey, Max Ernst, Joe Coleman and others, I use anything I get my hands on to be a vessel representing the pain, sexuality, humor, brutality and beauty of human beings- the most wonderful and terrible thing to be. For some of my creative process, I have adapted a layered method similar to what Max Ernst termed ìfrottageî, which can involve interpreting new imagery from found or created patterns and textures. Frequently, and for the last decade, I perceive these images in maps, allowing the topography to add layers of meaning for the viewer. More recently, I have begun to infuse these pieces with collage including my own photos of nature. I also spend time working with musicians in designing outlandish and eye-grabbing images promoting their records and events, often in a comic style.

All of my work seeks to express part of the constant wailing song that is existence. Representing some aspect, huge or tiny, of the endless struggle. In answering the ages old question "Why are we here?" I reply: We are all here to improve. We are all here to improve as individuals and as a whole. That's it.