Yakov Yagudayev

Yakov Yagudayev was born in 1951 in Makhachcala Dagistan. From an early age he has been interested in the arts.
Yakov studied at the Moskow Art Academy from 1974 to 1979. Upon completion of his studies he was working and exhibiting all over Europe, including Moskow, Berlin, Viena, London and more.

In 1991 Yakov Immigrated to Isreal where he lives and works today in Ashkelon City. In Ashkelon Yakov has painted more than 500 murals throughout the city of more than 2 kilometers. It is easy to see in Yakov's works his love of historical themes, the Bible and the nature which surrounds us. Yakov's works reflect his distinct personal style and unique way of thinking.