Aleta Welling

Aleta Welling is primarily a self-taught artist, using acrylic, oil, and occasional sculpture as her medium. Her talent was first recognized by her high-school art teacher who encouraged Aleta to find her style by separating her from the class and giving her free reign to paint however and whatever she desired. Since then, she was acknowledged in 1997 by the CñPop Gallery of Detroit, MI as ìone of the best young artists of the yearî and has been featured in galleries, cafes and studios throughout Germany and the Mid-Atlantic area. "The first inspiration for me to paint came from an Omni magazine article featuring science fiction painters. Soon after that I began trying to find my own style. Having spent many of my teen and young adult years in Germany, I was not only inspired by other great painters, sculptors or photographers, but by music in the industrial, electronic, dark wave and gothic genres as well."

My subject matter and use of contrasting light and shapes expresses the way I view human nature. I have a sarcastic outlook on the human condition and believe there is a side to everyone that no one truly reveals to others. Weíre all hiding behind the mask we're desperately trying to portray to others. In my paintings I try to balance cold reality with the warmth of the unknown darkness of our subconscious.