Sharyne Walker

I have been chronically ill for 5 years since Aug 7th 1999 when my mother drove me to the emergency room at 2 am. I literally bled to death, almost. Within 5 minutes of arriving I couldn't hold on any longer and I felt myself slipping away. My body slumped over but my spirit was still upright and then an angel pinched the back of my neck like a kitten and pulled me out of my body entirely. I had always been interested in the spiritual aspect of the near death experience and now I was a witness. I was no more than 3 inches away from the face of the emergency room doctor (wondered why he didn't push me back) as he said "She's comatose". My mind, my sight and hearing were all with me without my body; however I could not feel the physical world. Regretfully I never turned around to look at the angel behind me. Concerned with returning to my body I started to reach out for myself and panicked when I realized my form was that of a cloud and suddenly I was sucked into my body quickly.

     I was rushed by ambulance to UC Davis Medical Center, 100 miles away, and endured 2 months of radical cancer treatments. Weakness and constant illness were my constant companions until 5 months ago when a marvelous doctor did everything she could to restore my health and it worked. I am stronger today than I have been in 5 years. The volume of my artistic output has finally started to burst forward, major sales indicated for this summer and all is on the horizon. At the moment my creativity is overflowing.

     I begin my painting ritual by relaxing in a perfumed bath or long shower; inspiration comes to me in the water. I allow the cosmic energy and knowledge to flood my mind while in the meditative state,  like most artists. Occasionally I see new paintings developed  while falling into a deep sleep. This will be a fantastic year for me.

Sharyne E Walker


My painting THE FIRST TEMPTATION is now included in the MILTON COLLECTION, a permanent collection of the Williamsburg Art and Historical Center in NY.
I also won first place at the international acrylic painters online exhibition: