Ruth Terrill

I have always been intrigued by the way in which both dreams and waking life can present us with strange and paradoxical combinations of images. These are most apparent in our dreams, but by paying careful attention to the natural flow of moment to moment experiences, they can be seen in waking life as well. Once found and focused on, these strange combinations often hint at truths and multiple meanings.

The inspiration for my work comes from my fascination with this "natural surrealism" that occurs spontaneously in daily life. By modifying and combining pieces of pictures found in every day sources, I create collages that allow me to explore the possibilities for seeing life from a more transcendent perspective. 

My interest in surrealist art originated in my childhood when I lived in the Chicago, Illinois area and was able to make many visits to the Art Institute. This interest eventually led me to a B.F.A. degree in Art History from the University of Illinois. I later attended the San Fransisco Art Institute and Stanford University, where I received an M.A. degree in painting.

For many years I have been making collages. Finding the technique to be the best form in which to express my ideas and visions, it has become my major medium. My collages have been exhibited in group shows at museums, including the Grand Palais Museum, in Paris, as well as in solo and group exhibitions at colleges, universities and art centers throughout the United States. I have been the recipient of numerous awards, and am a Signature Member of the National Collage Society. My work has been published as magazine illustration, book and album covers, and greeting cards. Both paintings and collages are in private and corporate collections.