Anthony Santella

I have a broad interest in the arts that spans traditional media as well as research and development in digital imagery. At New York University I studied computer science as well as painting, drawing and sculpture. I also took courses in painting and sculpture at the Art Students League. My PhD work at Rutgers University applied cognitive principles and artistic practice to imbue computer generated imagery with the carefully controlled abstraction and communicative clarity of fine art.

 In my fine art, it is important to me that every work suggests an ongoing narrative, a story well told, but only half told, that the viewer must complete.  These stories speak of the spiritual in a modern context and explore the central question of how to finding meaning in dreams and visions while staying involved and in love with the reality and people that so often seem to betray those dreams. In exploring these themes I've worked with a number of media, including sculpture in bronze, stone and wood, but am primarily a painter in oils and watercolor. Working in several media, I am interested in how choice of media and style can enhance the narrative possibilities of an image.