Shahla Rosa

The main objective of my painting is to contribute to world peace, harmony and unity. By stepping into the fields of the unknown and possibility we surrender ourselves to the creative mind that orchestrates the dance of the universe.

By realizing our commonality in creation and mind, we can live together peacefully. I believe the source of all creation is pure consciousness, so I attempt to free the dream (unconscious) and to present it in the moment (conscious). The source of life's power in creation ( the process by which the unmanifest become the manifest) also happens when a dreamer manifests a dream.

I try to express a relationship between life itself and reality, so my work is an interpretation of an internal emotional reaction to the external world's beauty and falsity. Things that happened in our lives are merely like a dream, but a study of them demonstrates universal truths.

I enjoy seeing and drawing creations in action, because every action generates a force of energy that returns to us in Kind. I like to give the action of conscious choice-making to my viewers. Movement and eternal assertions of human freedom. My paintings do not immediately reassure, because they challenge people on both the conscious and subconscious level. However, they express universal truths that we need to understand in order to live together in harmony.