Michelle Rogers

Artistís Statement:
Does the artist possess imagination or does imagination possess the artist? This is a question I often ponder endlessly. I believe that the imagination is not something that we possess, but which possesses us. Itís possible that we are the fragile conduits for a creative force beyond our comprehension, and this formless creativity relies upon the creative mind to give it a form. This force manifests itself through the artistic mind, the hands and the preferred artistic medium and tools. When the work out in the world, the viewer resonates with the art on a subjective level according to their experiences and understanding of what theyíre seeing.
Being an artist is to awaken to a world of imagination that never sleeps.† As I breach this inner world, I stand at the threshold of infinite possibilities as far as the inner eye can see.† As I paint, I like to think that Iím always creating my reality as I tap the wells of these vast visionary realms. Much of my work deals with the simultaneous events of struggle, beauty, emergence and transcendence in forms of various symbolism. It is up to the artist to challenge these limitations through creative technique and discipline as well as spiritual understanding and insight. In this sense, my art is a visual diary of not only things learned, but also of things I want to learn and realities I want to create and explore. I believe that we as artists hold the key to the many mysteries of the mind and spirit within the imagination and dreamscapes.††
My artwork portrays a collection of†visionary ideas in a symbolic and surrealist-type composition. The subject matter†reflects an ongoing theme for the need of a†better understanding of our awakening minds.† I express through my art the complex human need to reach beyond the boundaries of illusion and limitation†by getting in touch with†our own†creativity.† Inspired through dreams, meditation, myth and symbolism, I piece together works of art with intentions of inspiring the viewer on many levels to discover their own creativity. This inspires me not only to continue to paint, but to have a deep appreciation and respect for the creative process itself.
My goal as an artist is to aide in this creative awakening and the continuity of the creative spirit. †I believe it is my responsibility as an artist to challenge my limitations by exploring my full creative potential.†With my art as a vessel, it is my sole purpose to give life to inspiring images of deep spiritual contemplation. In the wake of war and destruction now, more than ever, is the time for a creative awakening for humanity.
L. M. Rogers

Artistís Bio
I am a self-taught freelance artist currently living in Columbia, South Carolina. Native born in South Mississippi, I remember painting alongside my grandmother, Mabel G. Hust, who was a well-known local artist in the Hattiesburg area. Although I did not follow in her footsteps in style or subject, she still encouraged and inspired me to develop and carry out my own artistic vision.
As a young child, I can remember staring at patterns in the grain of the wood in the walls, and seeing things through a pool of images that would sometimes develop into people, places and animals. Seeing in this way seemed quite natural at that age, and encouraged me to draw what I would see and render it in my own way. My grandmother nurtured my talents and showed me how to develop them.
Iíve been painting primarily in oils since 1999 in a style akin to Surrealism with a heavy influence on both personal and collective Symbolism. After working an administrative job during the day, I feel my real job starts in the evenings and on weekends. Art rewards me with a sense of creative fulfillment and accomplishment and feeds my desire to pursue my art as a lucrative career.
I am currently displaying and selling all around the local area through new age gift shops, alternative venues, through commissions and through my own personal website, WakingMynd.