Renata Ratajczyk

Renata Ratajczyk is a photographer and digital artist, specializing in
surrealistic photo illustration and fine art portraiture. Originally from
Warsaw, Poland, Ratajczyk lives and works in Toronto, Canada for many years.

Ratajczyk holds Master of Art degree in Cultural Anthropology, as well as
she has extensively studied photography and art at the Ontario College of
Art and at the Ryerson Polytechnic Institute in Toronto.

In her distinctive dream-like and visionary images, she often merges reality
with a fantasy world. Renata's passion for classic art, fantasy, spirituality and mythology has greatly influenced her artwork. It is a celebration of the magical and surreal, a world, which blends the contemporary with the eternal, the sensual with the spiritual. The magical beings dwelling in Renata's artworks are often depicted with vibrant colours, lavish details and seductive beauty. They are surrounded with dream-like, mysterious landscapes and visions of other distant worlds. An acclaimed and published artist, her work is exhibited and collected internationally. Ratajczyk's work has been published in a variety of books, magazines, on CD jackets, in calendars, used on posters, greeting cards and in advertising.

Interviews with the artist and reviews of her work have appeared in several books and periodicals. Ratajczyk has participated in many shows and her fine art prints are held in numerous collections throughout the world. She strives not only to show beauty and stir emotions, but also to present universal, archetypal, often hidden concepts, to have a greater impact on the viewer of her art. Ratajczyk believes people and the world can and should be made better through art.

Creative process varies. Most of the images are created by integrating
Renata's photographic images with her artwork created in computer and by
using a variety of digital image enhancement techniques. Selected artworks
are also ameliorated in the darkroom or painted on without the use of
computer. The creative process may start before or after taking the
pictures. Some photographs are being taken with a clear concept of their
further enhancements, others ideas might come after pictures have been
already taken. Most of the inspiration comes from mythology, dreams,
anthropological studies, contact with the nature, as well from fantasy
literature and movies. Renata feels very close to the Pre-Raphaelite group
of painters who also inspire her creativity and encourage her to strive for
unique artistry. Travels throughout various parts of the world, extensive
studies of art, New Age related philosophy and her life experiences also
impact her work.