Mark Planisek

Mark Planisek has incorporated more than the average range of processes in his work. His photo collages start as black and white photographic compositions. By the time a piece is completed they are complex, surrealistic, fractured scenes that question how you can look differently and question something that you thought was obvious at first glance.

Though he composes his works using a variety of media, photography is one of the most important resources in Planisek's work . In fact he uses many different mediums to hand paint his photographic compositions. Schooled traditionally in drawing and painting, but it was the camera and its ability to mirror life that captivated his interest. His current collection demonstrates the merging of his fine arts background with the more technical world of photography. The variety of visual elements in Planisek's art evokes animated, dream-like visions. In many of his images we see the recurring depiction of eyes that see, search, inquire, and challenge. Through the eyes, Planisek suggests, we can see into someone's inner core, just as they can see into ours.

In 2004 his works were exhibited at theMuseum Of Contemporary Art (MOCADC), inWashington, D.C., The Concepto Gallery in Brooklyn New York, In 2003 at Columbia University at the Teachers College Gallery in New York City and the Artist Space Gallery in SoHo, New York City. In the recent past he has shown his work at the Smithsonianís International Gallery (1999), in Washington, D.C., the Elmhurst Art Museum, Elmhurst, IL. (1999). He has exhibited his work abroad at Gallerie Ambiente' in Gelnhaussen, Germany, Roxi's Pocket Art Museum in Hamburg, Germany, Area Gallery in Toronto, Ontario, Ryerson Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, and The Lalit Kala Academy of Art, New Delhi, India.