Elle Nicolai


Elle Nicolai is a Los Angeles artist and philanthropist dedicated to creative projects and philanthropic activities in health & healing, art and consciousness, as well as rainforest preservation.

Elle Nicolai has been exhibited at galleries throughout North America, from Los Angeles, and Northern California to New York and Boston, from Florida to Canada.

The poet Brett Simpson, and NY Times best-selling author Dr. Harold Bloomfield have recently written about her work. Her art images have been published in numerous journals and magazines.

She creates original paintings on canvas, digital photography, ink & pencil drawings on paper, and mixed media work.

The nature of her meditation and dream creative ìprocessî as an artist links to the tradition of the 20th Century Transcendental Painting Groupís Raymond Jonson and Emil Bittstram, and also famous artists of the Pacific Northwestís Visionary Art School, Morris Graves and Mark Tobey.

Elle Nicolai si a spiritual artist dedicated to healing and transformation through transcendental art.

She translates what is seen through the inner eye, by taking dream images and meditational glyphs, then placing them in our 3 dimensional reality, for us to see.

Ancient, shamanic, as well as tribal symbols and aesthetics, appear in her visionary art to manifest her intention. Natural archetypes, in her glyphic images, along with the use of light and color, in her dancing forms and lines, help the viewer feel, reflect, and expand consciousness.
These ìAlchemies of the Transvisible,î as Elle NicolaÔ refers to them, display intuitive dream art steeped in a universal language of animatism and sacred geometry... the way of the shaman.