Hugo Murillo Benich

When I open the eyes of my soul in the darkness, the dim light or the sunlight and feel the multidimensional universe that surrounds meñwhere time, geometrical coordinates, dreams, bad dreams, memories and hallucinations emerge in the form of a chaotic visionñI give myself up to the great desire to open a door leading to this universe and to pick up the brush to depict, alas, awkwardly the landscape and the fantastic beings swarming through it.

Sometimes there is a tower stretching away into infinity. Its aerial columns and swirling platform delimited by the invisible surface generated by a mathematical curve are the home of countless men, women and chimeras.
If after some brushstrokes I am the prey to an emotional disturbance, then I take a pen and write,

"El azul del espacio y los colores
De la tierra se funden en el hondo
Y silÌceo crisol de la materia,
Y de este modo surge el incendio
Que rutila,
Deslumbra y alucinaÖ."

Sometimes the blurred remembrance of an imaginary (real?) voyage to exotic seas haunts me. And only when the manifestation of the unconscious comes into consciousness and the canvass begins to be covered with the glossy oil paint I feel free again, rowing by my fellow passengers through dark green waters, heading for an unknown beach.
In any case, once I cross the threshold and the inner world hiding away in the recesses of my mind becomes tangible, I decide that colors, lights, shadows, lines, textures, shapes and spaces in the picture must be controlled by the well known principles of Art: balance, emphasis, harmony, variety and rhythm. And I commence painting.