Tim Moseley

Originally self-taught, surrealist visionary artist Tim Moseley was born in California. Tim was nurtured initially by San Francisco bay area visionary artists and psychedelic poster art. He was primarily inspired from his early teen years by the surrealist philosophy and techniques of the surrealist writer Andre Breton and the veristic surrealist painters Max Ernst and Salvador Dali. After receiving scholarship from The Texas Fine Art Association in 1974 he attended The University of North Texas but became disappointed by the rise of conceptualism and the politicization of the visual arts within the school. He transferred mid curriculum to The University of Texas at Austin where he received his BFA in Studio Art. Since graduation he has worked in a variety of art related positions.

" I paint because it is my nature to do so," says Tim, "I like to have at least one painting in progress at any given time. When I do, I am totally focused on it. When I am not working, I am usually meditating through my daily tasks while visioning my next painting." Tim paints in the traditional medium of oil on canvas and with a command of technical skills that includes sophisticated modeling, precise draftsmanship, contemporary composition, and a refined color sense that defines him as a surrealist visionary.

At first glance, his paintings are both abstract and surreal. They are metaphysical, illusionist, and sensual. Even though Tim has a formal education he draws from his essentially self-taught years of life experience. He notes, "I benefited technically from my formal education but I had to regain my personal vision upon graduation from University." The paintings shown here represent a recent past. Tim is currently residing in Austin, Texas where he devotes his life long faith to the surrealist vision of love and liberation by fusing the real and the unreal.