Brad Moore

"Art is a language older than literature, cinema, jazz, or ballet. It is a theatre that takes place at a spotlit corner in the twilight horizon of the skull. Art, as I have seen and felt it, reflects existence and spirit, as those things themselves are filtered through the central nervous system. Man began painting on the walls of his cave with the mud on his fingers and the blood of his dinner. I began drawing on brown paper bags from the grocer, with which the dinner was wrapped. Purple crayon was the gateway to the inner world, and I floated above many an entombed continent on that world, landing thus far, on only a few."

"After fighting my way through art college and eating modernism three times a day, I found myself illustrating comic books and magazines for a living. This led to my two credos in philosophy; “The media is the gallery of the present”, and, “I’d rather not be a two-headed creature” (a statement about being an illustrator vs a fine artist, let’s forge a fusion!!) To date, my work has been published world-wide up to 300 times, and I have taught/lectured nationwide. My work has always been, and remains today, about the inner life being presented to the outer world. I am from a small, country town, where self expression and introspection were seen as crimes against nature. Art, in all it’s forms and media, became and remains the promethean centerpiece of my existence."

Seer and Seeker – Brad Moore