Nicole Mizoguchi

After working in the graphic design field, I found that I had become serious about my art and had forgotten how to play. Then in 1998, I began having
mystical experiences that I could not explain or understand. An angelic presence appeared several times to deliver a message to me. At first I dismissed the visions but eventually realized there validity. I was guided to create art that would remind people of their own inner greatness and divine guidance. Then it was necessary to recapture the freedom of expression that I knew as a child. I blew bubbles, played jax, practiced meditation and other activities to reawaken my ability to imagine and play.

Many mystical experiences have occurred to me since then. These experiences have changed my life and guided my artwork from traditional graphic design to inspirational visionary art. I use chalk pastels on paper to reveal the images of the secret worlds of spirit and the collective unconscious. My specialty is creating Soul Art for people that shows them the energy that radiates from their own spirit. From Texas, USA, I recently relocated to Tokyo, Japan.