Jan Machalek

My Statement is in my painting “Transfiguration".
A human left this material world and merged with the divine, with the sublime. He left his material life, however great and successful (see-imperial crown) as the point of the pyramid of a terrestrial life, and merged with the light of the "supreme truth", supported and elevated by its wings, the archetypal symbol of elevation. His head became the head of a bird as accomplishment of his spiritual transfiguration. Birds are a symbol of the friendship of God with humans.

I was born in Zlin, Czech Republic, where I attended the School of Industrial Arts, Uherske Hradiste. I studied graphic design and illustration and I have illustrated children’s books in the Czech Republic, Canada andthe United States. I have had exhibitions of my paintings and illustrations in Czechoslovakia, Austria, Canada and the United States. I am presently living and working in Montreal, Canada.