Artist Statement

I have grown to know my natural creative ability as what I call my unfair advantage. Why you ask? I watch so many struggling to find themself in this world, so many are searching for their purpose in life, and I have known mine since I was a boy. It is true that I have heard all the cliches' about how an artist such as myself is never recognized for their work until after they are dead. Well, if so I can live with that because my art has been my center, my balance, and my unshakeable core, while I am alive. During the times in my life, when I allowed myself to drift from my art, mostly because I did not believe in it, I quickly realized that I was only drifting away from my true self. Nothing could be right for me when I ignored my one purpose. When I paint, I am privileged to know the things that provide me with stability, and only a small fraction of that has to do with money. When you are secure in your purpose, you are never confused by all the distractions which this world can throw in your path. From that point forward, one can focus on fully living and experiencing life.

I have very little formal training. Almost instantly the joy that I received from scribbling with crayons or colored pencils brought ideas to my mind that twisted and blended the reality of a natural environment that I loved with the vibrancy and unlimited possibilities of my own imagination. I love bright color and mystical views. I have always loved the woods and open farm land of the New England state where I grew up, of course it feels like home to me. I have always been intrigued by the subject of things that are spiritual, and the occult. I have always been inspired by the beauty and perfection of the human female form. When all of these elements are combined and balanced in me, they offer an expression and point of view unlike any other.

My work has given me insight and security for the challenges that we all must face in life. I have never been able to sit still for very long, although I do love the quiet. I am the type of person who always has to be doing something, creating one thing, while planning for the next. Once free from the bonds of traditional public schools, it was my only directive to leave and explore the unknown both in my art and the land which I lived in. My work over time represents the influences and styles of the places where I have landed, to live, and those where I have visited to rest. I have experimented in just about every medium and style, but it is working in oils, and the texture of canvas that I love the most. Through creation, and observation, I have learned the visual language and method of communication which my spirit uses to guide me in the physical world. It is equally important for me, that you the observer might connect with this imagery and find the hidden messages that may help and heal you in your own lives.

So there you have it. I am a deeply spiritual person with a realistic approach. I love to express the limitless boundaries of my imagination with oil paint on canvas. I love to incorporate the many variables of nature, with concepts of spirit and characteristics of the human form. It is still an experiment for me. I am only excited about where it will take me from here, in the future.