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Love Devouring Itself
The Church Bell of de Sade

Incubated in the filth and pandemonium of New York City, Nick Kushner's artwork speaks not  only of pain and disillusionment through the themes of love, death, and abuse - but of the ultimate catharsis that can be attained through the artistic distillation of the emotions evoked by these. Kushner says "...creativity acts as the catalyst for transformation by allowing one’s works to 'purify' the metaphorical alchemist throughout the journey, so to speak, of the creation process." While influenced by such disparate misanthropes and anti-heroes as Otto Dix, George Grosz, Hans Bellmer, Friedrich Nietzche, The Marquis De Sade, Charles Baudelaire, Aleister Crowley, Marilyn Manson, and Sid Vicious, Nick's inimitable use of art as alchemy stands totally apart.

kushnerThe end results are highly-detailed, darkly sensual pieces that evoke a visceral response in those who view them, reinforcing the artist's belief that "The act of creating is only the first half, the truly magical aspect (in the occult sense of the word), is how each work of art or creation affects the world and in turn how that affectation comes full circle and back to the creator." Each project furthers his exploration of inverse Classical themes executed with expressionist and chaotic overtones.

While bringing to life several all-blood pieces executed by using the medium as watercolour, NK is also responsible for The Nachtkabarett [ ]. Featured on MTV Germany, it is an expansive and meticulously researched website dedicated to the occult and the esoteric, soon to be published in book form by a major indepenent publisher. Nick has also designed the Official website for the "Coolest Magician on Earth", Rudy Coby, and designed, maintains, and administers the Official message forums of renowned musician and artist Marilyn Manson. 

Recently I was an on-camera interview (with my art featured) for the Marilyn Manson BIOGRAPHY special which premiered on the A&E television network earlier this Fall. Here's a link to where a streaming video of the program is being hosted :



L'Age Noir
- Birth of the Syphilitic Venus

- Satan seated upon his Throne

Self Portrait
as de Sade
18.75" x 22.5"

  Copyright © 2007-2010 All Rights Reserved
All artworks reproduced on this website are the copyright of the individual artists or their estates and may not be reproduced without permission.