Wim Kuenen Prema

Wim Kuenen was born in Volendam, the Netherlands, in 1947, and attended Famous Artists school from 1968 till 1972 in Amsterdam. During his career he created diverse works of art, like mural paintings, and also designed and decorated several city busses with various themes. His artwork was exhibited both at home and abroad and is widely known.
As an artist, Kuenen works under the pseudonym Prema. He is inspired
particularly by Indian Vedas, such as the Bhagavad Gita, but also by his
personal experiences in everyday life, which form a great source of
imagination. His spiritually tinted subjects deal with themes like birth,
illness, age and death, as well as deliverance, Karma and the circle of

Being a fantast as well as a painter, Wim Kuenen uses both these qualities
to make large, magic realistic paintings with unconventional composition and subject matter. The application of colours forms the finishing touch, and his use of exquisite light lends a magnificently magical personality to his art works. His method of work compels respect. Kuenen1s paintings reflect traces of an inner struggle and are testimony to his remarkable talent, which he uses in an exceptional way. Art is emotion, says Kuenen; it appeals to an inner experience, and affects us spiritually.

Art, experiencing beauty and fascination, reveals the spiritual essence of
his world and is therefore of major significance to him. Kuenen feels that our yearning for beauty in art stems from an inner desire for the source all human beings eventually originate from. It is a source of infinite beauty and purity.