"That Which You Do"

Especially for the site of the Society of Art of Imagination.

When you don't think, and even don't think about the fact that you don't think that you don't think..... then who are you by nationality? Who are you by art style or movement, and who are you yourself?

A personality, and it's manifestation, appears only when the hidden
sign of the spirit begins to emerge and to create some fruits after
the movement. In other words, you are which you do.

When you look around and try to find understanding of "that which
you are" ....usually you are faced with a wall of hostility or
misunderstanding. Because the people who don't understand you have
not enough reserve of love for you ....they don't see themselves in

Not all of us are heard, not all of us are recognized but all of us
are underestimated. We are looking for something related, which can
accommodate "that which we do," and maybe that is a reason for the
Society of Art of Imagination.

The relationship of "that which we do" is a kind of nationality and
a kind of citizenship. I am writing this from Crimea. It is a region
in the territory of Ukraine, which used to be part of the Soviet
Union. All these words, meanings, and syntax of common social
illusion, the same with the syntax of words; London, Montreal, Great
Britain, United States, etc....

In the hidden reality there are no such countries, there are no
cultures, there are no religious organizations.... there are no
kinds of energies which are in everlasting conflict; there is
existence and non-existence, and we can be a part of them, and they
are always some part of "that which we do."

For a contemplative artist to live and to also create, in Crimea, in
Soviet times and after failure of the "Cold War," is a matter of
compassion and reassessment. It is a matter of understanding the
relationship between a shape and an essence. After the destruction
of some form (in this case the Soviet Union) what remains and where
is the essence?
Those people who fully belonged to the form are unhappy, because
their hearts are broken; they cannot find themselves unless a new
form appears, but until that time... all is chaos. This is a destiny
of all shapes, all cultures, all idols.

Present day Ukraine and Russia are looking for some form of
"national identity" ....west or east, nationalism or Communism,
Democracy or Liberalism. Such a broken form is looking for some
shape which will be destroyed anyway if the essence leaves it.
A contemplative or visionary artist is never or not always in the
context, he tries to concentrate on different things. A form of
actions appears as a result and it has a secondary value. His
country is in his mind and in other people, who live similar mental

The artist, eventually understands that the only relationship is a
spiritual one, your only state is with people who understand and
accept you and what you do, an maybe those who produce fruit similar
to yours. It always looks like a country inside other countries, or
a society inside other societies. The most important thing is not to
lose the idea and energy, which gathers and unites and makes people
become relatives... which also have shapes, but which will be
destroyed, like all others before and after.

Oleg Korolev